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Posted by Pinch June 27, 2019 in Tech Review

I have been using Apple’s new AirPods for a whole 3 days now, and they have changed my life…

Some can say I am crazy, and some will ask “how can headphones change your life?”.  It’s easy. Let me explain and break it down for you. But first, some of my personal headphone history.

My first, delve into wireless (because going WAY back would take too long) were the Anker Soundbuds Tag. These Bluetooth headphones sit in your ears, mildly larger than you’d like, but still offer great sound, were amazing.  The cable that held them together was the perfect length, the sound quality was fantastic, and they magnetized to each other which also worked as the power “button”.  The listen time felt like days, probably closer to 3 hours, since I mostly kept them turned off, but the best part about them is in case they DID fall out of your ear, (which even with the interchangeable silicone nubs that we all “love”) the wire would catch it.  So if you were, say riding your bike and get hit by a car (speaking from experience…) they don’t go flying in different directions.  The mic, however, did pick up everything. Wanna have a phone call and go walking? WIND. Ride a bike? Don’t call anyone. Say “are you serious?” and Siri thinks you’re talking to it. It was… a feature.  Having them for about two years, I figured it was time for them to retire.

After some consideration (and a lot of kicking myself because I really didn’t want to be one of those people), I broke, and I bought the newest version of Apple AirPods.  For 2 days, they sat in the box. I didn’t even want to acknowledge that I owned them. Then it happened. I pulled them out and stuck them in my ears. They immediately synced to my phone. I didn’t have to do anything.  They are much more comfortable than the wired EarPods; the biggest difference is that the wire isn’t there to get caught on something and yank them out of your ear. The sound is full, not terribly bassy and pretty rich. I was extremely surprised. Much better than the quality from my old Soundbuds. It was like hearing in HD. So as I said, they have changed my life.

Here’s how:

Never hit the pause button.  Sounds pretty simple right? Something so little.  Imagine a world when someone is trying to talk to you, and you pull your earbud out.  AND IT PAUSES WHATEVER YOU’RE LISTENING TO. The future is now. Something so little is so convenient.  I think it would be hard to go back to last week.  

Oh, I am sorry, you don’t want to listen to that song?  How about double-tapping your earbud to change the song.  Done. Super easy. While listening to music on Spotify, the double-tap is SUPER convenient.  If I am listening to a podcast in Spotify, the double-tap fasts forward 15 seconds.  

Do you use Siri a lot?  What’s the weather? Tell me a joke.  Call Mom. Text wife. The AirPods are amazingly responsive to Siri.  

But the best part about them.  The case. A small white box that functions as a charging dock, battery pack for the AirPods, and (of course) protective case so they aren’t floating around in your pocket with your keys, that pen, your wallet, your phone, and that d20 you’ve been carrying around for good luck.  Complete with wireless Qi charging, just set it down on your charging mat, and you’re done. You’re away from your mat? That’s fine, plug it in with your lightning cable.  

Now I sound like an ad for these things, but dude.  Life-Changing. In my office, it seems that one in 4 people have headphones in.  Of those, 1 in three of us has AirPods. They are comfortable, (since I have the ears that the one size fits all model fit in) lightweight, and unintrusive.  

They are not sound-isolating, which is actually really nice since I can mildly hear everything around me.  At the price tag of $199.99 ($149.99 without the wireless charging case) at the end of the day, they are Apple Headphones.  Everything that you want from Apple’s Ease of Use model that they have built their company around, they are amazing. Are there better quality sounding headphones?  Maybe. But if you want to keep up with the Joneses, and you like the feel of Apple’s Wired EarPods, the AirPods are an obvious upgrade for you.  

I would definitely opt out of the wireless charging capability though if you do not have a wireless charging pad.  I would recommend if you’re like me and have the phone and watch as well, get this:

Though it’s pretty spendy at $139.99 and on back-order I think it will be well worth the wait.  Because yes, I will get this docking station.  

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Giovanni “Pinch” Mapile is a freelance writer, tech nerd, and Caffeine Addict.