Apex Legends Season 2

Posted by Pinch July 8, 2019 in GAMINGGaming ReviewsNEWS

Last week, on July 2nd, Apex Legends finally got an update that players deserve.  From Map Changes to the extremely overpowered L-Star LMG (that looks and feels like an SMG, but we’ll get to that), the update brings a breath of life to a game. 

As you all may know, I am an avid Apex player.  I main Pathfinder and Wraith, but I dabble in every legend, as all gamers do.  Up until a week before Season 2 dropped, I, sort of, fell off. Not because I didn’t love the game, but because it just slowed down. 

So what did Season 2 bring to the game? 

Season 2’s battle pass is full of rewards that players actually want.  From great looking gun skins to loading screens, Apex coins, and more.  

New Legend

Wattson is our new legend to drop onto the island.  She has the tactical ability to build electric barriers that act as arc stars to non-team members who walk through it.  Her ultimate is the “Interception Pylon” that works as a trophy system, meaning, you put it down, and no grenades can get to you.  But there’s more, the pylon also repairs damaged shields as long as it is up. “What about her passive?” you cry as you’re reading this.  Well, if you use an ultimate accelerant, it fully charges your ultimate, rather than charging a portion of it. And when you’re standing near your Pylon, your tactical ability recharges faster.  It seems like your gameplay style with this Legend is very bunker up and hold. Paired with Caustic and add in a Lifeline, your team is very much, move, hold, move, hold.

Ranked Mode

That’s right, rather than just playing the game, players now have the ability to play ranked mode.  Apex takes the BR Tournament Rules and adds them to their Ranked system. You can climb by getting kills, and getting top 5 or higher.  While wins rend the most “passive” Ranked Points (or RP as it’s being called), aggressive and skilled players can gain just as many points by killing people in more populated drop areas.  Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and (the highest tier) Apex Predator. Here’s the breakdown:

Each kill: 1 RP (capped at 5 per match)

Top 10:  2 RP

Top 5:  4 RP

Top 3:  7 RP

Win:  12 RP

These do not stack, which means if you win you do not get 12 for the win, and 7 for top 3, etc.  You win, you get 12. The max RP you can get in a single game is 17 (12 for the win and 5 for kills).

Each Rank above bronze cost RP to play in. Silver costs 1, Gold 2, all the way up to Predator costing a whopping 5 per game.

The best part about the ranked system is:  You can’t drop ranks. Which means, there are floors. Once you make it to Silver, you can’t drop back down to Bronze.  If you hit Silver, play the game and get shot out of the sky before you hit the ground, you don’t lose the RP.

The question arises: Can my friend who’s a Platinum player carry me? No. Well… Maybe. The matchmaking system chooses the highest skilled player’s rank and matches you with a lobby with that rank.  So hopefully your friend brings a big enough backpack because the carry will be real.  

Legend Changes

Pathfinder, Wraith, and Lifeline all take 5% more damage while Gibraltar and Caustic’s damage reduction went from 10% to 15%.  Gibby and Caustic are also now immune to slow effects from weapon fire. So if you get that spitfire and start unloading on one of the big bois, they aren’t going to go any slower.  A great improvement to the characters. Adding additional damage to Pathfinder, Wraith, and Lifeline definitely balances the gameplay and lobby. Dropping hot with these characters will make early game survivability really tough. Admittedly, I am upset about this change, but it’s because, again, Wraith and Pathfinder main. 

New Weapon and Weapon Changes

Our newest toy on the battlefield, the L-Star EMG (or Energy Machine Gun) fires high damage plasma projectiles (with own limited ammo supply like the Mastiff/Krabar).  At first, the gun looks like it’s a Prowler with a shotgun reticle. When used, it is just fun. Tearing through enemies while wielding this powerful weapon gives your team the advantage they may need early to late game.  I don’t recommend sitting on it until late game though, as that second weapon slot could be more useful being filled by, in my honest opinion, our new stars: Alternator and Mozambique.  

I never thought that Alternator and Mozambique (or Mozamweak as I used to call it) would be my go-to weapons.  Using the new Hop-ups, Disruptor Rounds for Alternator and Hammerpoint Rounds for Mozambique, these guns have gotten so strong.  These new hop-ups do additional damage to shielded targets (Disruptor rounds) and unshielded targets (Hammerpoint). A deadly combo if you have better aim than that Wraith or Lifeline.  The Disruptor rounds are compatible with the Alternator and RE-45 and the Hammerpoints are compatible with Mozambique and P-2020.  

While we are on the topic of Hop-ups, the Skullpiercer is now a gold hop up, increasing its rarity.  Sorry Wingman/Long Bow, your Hop-up is now *much* harder to find.

Map Changes

Bridges is destroyed and replaced by a new structure called “The Cage”, a multileveled structure with pathways from the center structure to smaller surrounding covered corridors (that have a shipping container feel to them).  Scattered with weapons, ammo, and armor, The Cage is a great addition to the map. A second new area to the map is Containment, formerly Cascade.  Several new structures are here to (assumingly) contain the flyers we saw at the end of Season 1. Those flyers are still around carrying boxes with loot, but now there are also some in containment cages that players can kill (for no reason other than they make noise). 

Whether you drop at The Cage or at Containment, just don’t get trampled by the Leviathans. You know, those giant Dino looking guys in the water? They’re on the map now. Watch out for these

unless you like instadeath.

All these changes to the game finally make Apex Legends feel refreshed.  I cannot wait to grind my battle pass, my rank, and get those dubs. Let me know what your favorite change to the game is in the comment section.