Apex Season 2: 4 Week Review

Posted by Pinch July 23, 2019 in GAMINGGaming ReviewsNEWS

Week 4 of the Apex Season 2 and Battle Pass starts this week and here is my review so far.  Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this. I love Apex. I truly believe that this game is a Fortnite Killer.  

Full Disclosure:  I had Apex Coins leftover from last month’s pass, so I am free to play this season.  Let’s start with all the things I like about Season 2’s Battle Pass.  

“Hot” drops aren’t often as “Hot”

Some may see this as a bad thing, but for the casual gamer, or the gamer that likes to have fun dropping in with their friends,  Hot dropping with a low percentage of survivability is not fun. With the addition to the ranked mode, players have been opting to drop in less populated zones to increase their rate of survivability.  Remember challenges in that other BR/building simulator game that stated to open a certain number of chests in a highly populated place where there were overly-angry towers? This is mitigated so everyone can work on their weeklys by my next point:

Not everyone’s week is the same

You get a week’s worth of challenges.  8 in total. So does your friend. Chances are, you probably don’t have the same ones.  This dynamic makes it REALLY easy to drop in less popular areas like Relay, Swamps, and Slum Lakes and creates a more dynamic week.  Not everyone is rushing Skull Town to get their crates, or Airbase to get their knocks. There are a total of 13 “known” weekly challenge lists.  You are assigned one at random every week, assuming that the season ends after the 13th week this gives us just over 3 months in this season.

Daily Challenges

With the weekly pools rotating, we also get daily challenges!  Some challenges are easy, like 5 knocks with an assault rifle, or 5 bamboozles with Mirage (which is sometimes a con, see below), and others are…  not as easy. 2 sniper kills in the same game? Unless you get lucky enough to get those at the start of the game or an expert gaming marksman, it gets exponentially harder as the game progresses to finish this.  

Forced Legend Gameplay

Unlike last season, you don’t gain bonus experience by playing each character.  Since the Battle Pass is not experience based (read further). Instead, Weekly challenges are suggesting you play certain characters.  That is… if you want to level your Battle Pass.  Want a Battle Pass Level? Better get those challenges done.  Challenges like Block 200 damage with Gibralter’s shield, or get 30 kills with Bloodhound, Lifeline, or Wraith, make challenge grinding a fun way to learn new legends.  

Now let’s talk about what we don’t like about the new season:

Premium Legend Challenges

As a casual player, chances are you have not spent money (or not much anyway) on a free to play game.  Maybe you spent $10 on the battle pass, in hopes that as you grind, you can get some premium loot or skin for Wraith that you really like, but you probably didn’t shell out $40 on the 4 new legends.  If you are one of those people, you will find yourself having issues completing daily and weekly challenges that are legend locked. Need to do a finisher with Wattson? Sorry, you miss out on those sweet sweet battle pass stars.  

Some challenges seem unreasonable

As a Pathfinder and Wraith main, who only ever has one other friend I rarely get the chance to revive a teammate.  Not because I am THAT good I’m usually not that good, but because my one squadmate who is the random usually runs off, has very minimal (if any) comms, and ends up getting finished before my teammate and I get to the scene.  I can see how some are not unreasonable if you have a full squad who plays well together or playing passively, but inevitably, doing 100 damage with Bangalore’s ultimate is tough, especially with this glitch floating around.  

Challenges assume Teamwork

Let’s talk about teamwork-based challenges like getting Top 3 with Bangalore, Lifeline, or Bloodhound.  As a casual player who likes to play with friends, Top 3 is a really difficult achievement when playing our mains.  Adding the caveat of playing a character you don’t know well, a second handicap in the game is created. Last season (season 1) I had a total playtime of 17 minutes on Lifeline and Bangalore…combined.  I just don’t fit those playstyles.  It might mean that I need to become a better Apex player, learning every playstyle so I can, as Bruce Lee says, have no style.  But that’s not why I play the game. I play because I have favorite characters, I like playing a robot who is crazy mobile, or a girl who hears voices and can jump into a different dimension.

Not (fully) Experience Based

Unlike most battle passes, This pass is not experience-based…  Kinda. The Battle Pass introduced Battle Pass stars. Each daily challenge rewards 3,000 stars, and some weekly challenges give up to 6,000 stars.  As you get stars, you can gain additional battle pass levels, but these stars are not unlimited. Once you finish the daily and weekly star challenges, that’s it.  You don’t get additional stars for just playing the game.  So there is a cap on how far you can get in the battle pass a week. You gain experience and by doing so can continue to grind your battle pass. After finishing your daily challenges, there is little incentive to keep playing unless you want to grind rank the levels.

Overall, this battle pass is WAY better than season 1.  Respawn really learned from last season and the feedback from the community as far as what we wanted to see.  I like it, as it lets me casually grind the battle pass while playing with friends. We are having fun and dropping in places I don’t typically drop.  Does anyone want to drop Swamps?  

Giovanni “Pinch” Mapile is a tech junkie, infj, and Pathfinder main.