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Posted by Pinch August 22, 2019 in Gaming Reviews

As we approach the launch of one of Blizzard’s most anticipated re-releases, the hype train is going full steam ahead.  But what are we waiting for? World of Warcraft was originally released in 2004. It may have not been the first MMORPG, but it has been the most long-lasting. With a current player base of over 5 million subscribers, WoW is a phenomenon. 

Personally, I am in the majority of former WoW players.  The players who both want to play the game, but remember how difficult the grind was. Outside of the game, I researched quests, how to properly build my warlock, my rogue, my 19 Battlegrounds “twink” rogue…  The hours spent inside Gurubashi Arena trying to get the Arena Grand Master Trinket that every twinked out character needed. A vital part of best in slot items for characters that get level parked.

Classic brings back old NPCs like Edwin Van Cleef as well as extremely hard endgame content, and, Molten Core 40.  It also brings back the old talent trees. The talent trees is one of my favorite parts about Vanilla WoW. Being able to change points around (at a cost of gold) made it very vital to know your build in advance.

But Classic is missing one vital thing in the game:  exploration. From exploration in the game to exploration in meta knowledge, all the information is just… there.  One thing that makes Vanilla WoW so great is that there was, at the time, no YouTube fight walkthroughs. The addons were very limited. Every guild was struggling for the very first “world-first”.  Classic will be missing all of those things, and more.  Things like the rage quitting, the Ventrilo/TeamSpeak fights, the guild channels…  

This is also a good experience to show new World of Warcraft players how the game once was.  Maybe the new players will enjoy it, or maybe they will learn to appreciate the Quality of Life game “improvements” like Dungeon Finder, Cross server chat/auction houses, heirlooms, and…  just about everything. I remember having to find a dungeon party for a quest and it taking upwards of an hour just looking for a tank or a healer AND WIPING ON TRASH. Now I am not talking about endgame dungeons.  I am talking about Wailing Caverns, Deadmines, Razor Fen Kraul. The sheer amount of time spent just getting to 60 was a game in itself. Then there was the endgame content.

Step 1: Join a raiding guild. Step 2: Run the same dungeon 500 times to get your piece of gear stolen by a hunter because hunters love every stat.  Step 3: go into an AQ40 severely under-geared, but have your raid leaders say “you just aren’t doing it right.”

Classic won’t have things like the infamous Leeroy Jenkins Video or More Dots that sprouted so many different videos and memes and even t-shirts.  I foresee it feeling like an empty, albeit prettier, shell of our memories, the nostalgia, that we are all trying to relive.  It won’t have the feeling of entering a dungeon for the first time ever, and wondering if there is a patrol pack of trash coming through while you traverse.  Overall, it’s going to be missing the drama.  

I’ll eventually be a break and pay $15 to play it for a month, remember the good ole days, and try really hard to keep it all together while not breaking with how exhausting it is to play.  

I will play Horde, as I have always done, as I have in the beforetime.  Likely as an undead rogue named Pinch or some variation of, on a PvP server, and I will hunt people who stumble into my questing grounds.  I will likely not go into dungeons until more towards endgame, and just power level by questing. Which, if I remember correctly, was the fastest way to level.  There is a chance I stop at 19, 29, 39, and 49, and mess around in battlegrounds, to relive the days of 30-40 minute Warsong Gulch games, graveyard camping, and overall being toxic.  

If you are going to be joining World of Warcraft Classic, drop your character, faction, and server in the comments, and we can try to get some game-time in.

Giovanni “Pinch” Mapile is a blogger, gamer, and Rogue main.  

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  • Andrew J Kohne

    Yes I can’t wait just 4 more days till it comes out.
    I will be playing Horde and I believe I’m on a PVE server with an M in the name can’t remember at the time of writing this. But willing to join a PVP even tho I have never real played PVP.

    Draco Regem

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