Into The Void

Posted by Pinch September 12, 2019 in Gaming ReviewsNEWS

Apex Legend’s second limited event this season focuses on our favorite dimension-hopping legend: Wraith.  Voidwalker gives us another breath of fresh air with new skins in the shop (which are still overpriced at $18) and a new area on our map, “Labs”.  The skin is sleek, very different than the skins we have seen on her in the past, even more so next to her seasons 1 and 2 skin.  

Labs is a fantastic addition to the map.  A giant portal is open in the sky that pushes you deep inside a small hill where the labs are hidden.  Inside the labs, you find guns, computers, and a hidden easter egg tape that brings the depth of lore to the character.  There is speculation that we, as players, play in the multiverse. The Wraith that we started with is not the same Wraith as our current Into the Void Wraith.  Read more about this theory here*edit* Respawn Developers confirmed this theory. I cannot wait to see where this takes us.

With the Voidwalker event comes arguably the best LTM (lol there’s only 2).  Voidwalker brings us Shotguns and Snipers mode called “Armed and Dangerous”. In this mode, guns spawn less frequently, with no more than 2 of each golden weapon.  On top of the less frequent gun spawns, the guns are limited to only shotguns and snipers (my preferred loadout is Longbow with the 4x-10x or 2x-4x and a golden Mozambique, don’t judge).  “Armed and Dangerous” feels like it focuses on strategy and skill instead of loot. Why? Kotaku said it best: The latest Apex Limited-Time Event turns everyone into Glass Cannons.  As for body shields and helmets, they are few and far between.  What is more, is the mode only spawns common (white) shields and helmets.  Don’t. Get. Hit.  

Voidwalker brings unlockable gun skins for the G7 Scout through challenges and the ability to get additional crafting materials (through additional challenges).  These skins are pretty sweet if you’re a sucker for gun skins. Let’s be real, we only see our guns anyway.

Finally, some quality of life improvements like Auto-sprint and Scoped (ADS) sensitivity for each scope.  This is huge for us who love to use ADS but feel slow.  Personally, my snipe game has been ON POINT with this LTM (I really should clip my twitch channel more, go watch my vods here and follow me while you’re there).  

Overall, this event feels much more successful than Solo’s mode.  I miss Solo mode for 1 reason: Challenge grinding. Since hitting 110, I honestly can say, bring on the random fun modes like this, or, even better, keep this mode in PLEASE.

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