Apex Legends: Season 3 Leaks

Posted by Pinch September 13, 2019 in Gaming ReviewsNEWS

It is that time again.  As Season 2 comes to a close, Season 3 data has been leaked thanks to @That1MiningGuy.  There is tons of speculation as to what we are going to get but here’s what we think are confirmed:

New Legend

Historically, we have gotten a new character every battle pass (pre S1 we got Caustic and Mirage as unlockable, S1 we got Octane, S2 we got Wattson).  Season 3 will bring us our newest Legend, Crypto, a futuristic computer hacker. Equipped with a helper drone, Crypto is rumored to be able to use his drone similarly to Bloodhound’s scan.  The drone is also rumored to be usable by all teammates. This has not been confirmed. Rumors and speculation are not facts, so let’s get back into what we know for sure.  

Crypto has a drone.  The drone floats. We will likely see him in Season 3.

New Weapon

We all love the Energy Weapons kappa.  We have gotten a Sniper (Triple Take), a Light Machine Gun (Devotion), and Assault Rifle (Havoc), so the progression, of course, is an energy SMG.  Leaks expose a gun similar to the Titanfall 2 gun, the “Volt SMG”. I am hoping there is not a “spin-up” time that is as devastating as the Havoc/Devotion because that makes or breaks a firefight without the hop-up.  

It has also been rumored that a gun called “Charge Rifle” will be released as well.  This gun is an “anti-titan” weapon in the Titanfall series, and the first of its kind in King’s Canyon.  Does this mean we are getting Titans? Highly doubtful, my theory is that we will get a PvE where we need to find and use these Charge Rifles to kill the Dinos and Flyers on the map, and I am hoping that this is how we unlock Crypto.  Follow me down this rabbit hole for a minute, (or skip over this to the next section).  Players need to help Crypto hack the dome to stop the Flyers and Dinos from ruining King’s Canyon.  Crypto is an NPC until the Challenge questline is completed, then you unlock him with a special skin.  Dope, right? I know…

New skins

Confirmed are new skins for the R301, Spitfire, and Alternator.  Each of these are legendary weapon skins, and all are reactive. So get your Alternators and 301’s out.  Here’s your chance to get good with those weapons and rep that sweet, sweet reactive gun skin. 

Along with the weapon skins, we are also going to be getting character skins.  In Season 2, we received a Caustic and Octane skin. Other gaming news sources report that we will be getting more Caustic and Octane skins, though they can potentially be placeholders for someone better (let’s hope more Pathfinder skins please).  

Other perks

Along with all this stuff, we are likely to be getting 2,550 crafting materials, a legendary Apex pack, an epic Apex pack, and I am assuming more Apex coins.  

But what is the name of Season 3, Pinch?

According to the man @That1MiningGuy, we are looking at Season 3 “Fire and Ice”.  Sounds very Game of Thrones-y if you ask me, but it’ll be interesting to see how they tie this theme into King’s canyon.  

With this theme, we will be able to purchase Limited edition box versions of the game.  BUT THE GAME IS FREE, PINCH!!!  I know, I know…  The $20 box comes with $10 of Apex coins and your choice of Lifeline’s “Angel” skin or Bloodhound’s “Demon” skin.  There is not (currently) a bundle for both. Chances are, ya boi is going to get them both.

With all these leaks, it is hard to say whether Respawn will do some last-minute changes, if these leaks are on purpose because, well, Crypto is a hacker or any number of things.  All I know is that Season 3 hype train has started and is full steam ahead.

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