The Smash Dojang visits Glitch 7: Minus World

Posted by Brett Farmer September 15, 2019 in ESPORTSNEWS

Hiya guys, Bert here!

It was a stellar weekend for the Trample Smash team as both DomoNatorr and Fate put their skills to the test against the might of the MD/VA Smash Scene at Xanadu’s Glitch 7 at Laurel Park, MD. and they did the team quite proud!

Domo and Fate were part of the later pools in the afternoon but were out at the friendly stations, practicing with competitors and spectators alike, before their tournaments began. 

Domo got a HUGE surprise when his pool captain called him over to let him that he was going to be on stream against his opponent BurntSocks. He handled it with style and grace. I’m honestly quite jealous at how cool he seemed throughout, I’d be sweating bullets…You can check out the match here around 5hr 08mins.

Overall, we saw Domo take two hard losses to finish out his day 0-2 and Fate was able to sneak a win against a ROB player but had a tough matchup in his pools against a Joker player and a very defensive and evenly matched Richter player. Fate’s overall record was 1-2

However! Don’t count the two of them out as they put themselves out there and brought the will and strength of the Stomping Grounds with them! There will be plenty more opportunities as we train and grow as a team.

Be sure to shoot over a GG over to them over on Twitter! @domonatorr and @ryan_farmer31

They worked very hard leading up to the tournament this weekend and deserve kudos for putting themselves out there!

Keep your eyes peeled on the Trample Dojang because we are out here grinding and practicing any chance we get! And there will be many more tournaments that we will be partaking in the coming months!
Who knows, maybe even yours truly will put down the camera and put my name into the ring!

‘Til next time,