Untitled Goose Game: A review

Posted by Pinch September 27, 2019 in Gaming Reviews

I have been waiting to play through this game for almost two years. It did not disappoint. Untitled Goose Game lets you play as one asshole goose who is terrorizing a small town. The humans both hate and love you, while you work through a set of environmental puzzles. Puzzles that reflect what every goose in the world does to us. Fuck shit up. The first few puzzles are quaint. From getting the groundskeeper wet to having a picnic using some stolen vegetables, the game is about being a stealthy goose.

Do you want to grab that jar of jam? Hide it, don’t get caught.
The main character of this game, the goose, is a fucking asshole. And I love every minute of it. Even as I write this article, I am repping my Untitled Goose Game socks. The game is based on distractions, your weapons are the smoke and mirrors of honking and flapping your wings to make the humans go where you are. Though it’s a stealth game, you are still a Goose, nature’s bullies.

The game is very easy to pick up, with a good balance of progression in the puzzles. There is no point in the game where I felt “stuck” to the point that I need to find a walkthrough, though I am sure that it would have made it easier.
Untitled Goose Game, I am happy to say, lived up to the hype. It is impressive, artistic, and simply fun to play. Go out there and be an asshole goose.