Fortnite’s Black Hole Brings Chapter 2

Posted by Pinch October 15, 2019 in GAMINGNEWS

Over the past few days, Fortnite players have been staring at a screen that was essentially black with a blue screen on it. 

Today, October 15th, that black hole opened to introduce Epic’s Fortnite Chapter 2.  Before we get into that, let’s recap how Chapter 1 ended. At the end of the last season, we see a meteor heading towards the island.  After redirecting the meteor into a rift, it came back down on the island on a domed area of the map (literally have no idea where it was on the map… after all, dusty depot, before dusty divot was a thing when I played).  When the meteor crashed into the said dome, it ripped a hole in time-space and created this black hole… FOR TWO DAYS.

The internet went insane.  People of all ages not knowing what to do with their time, they turned to speculation and meme creation.  Some people thought it was the end of Fortnite. Then, the unthinkable happened. After about 10 hours of downtime, Epic Games cleared Fortnite social media, deleting every post, changing the pictures to the black hole and leaving their fans in the literal dark.  Around 12 hours in, someone found that by entering the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start for you non-gamers) you can enter a Galaga-like minigame where you are a slice of pizza shooting burgers.  

This is when I caught wind of the whole situation and started following the story.  

Confused, I decided to go to the Fortnite twitch channel (which admittedly I didn’t know existed, but was not surprised).  This was my first experience with the black hole. Once I began researching, I quickly realized this was the ‘hype’ning that Epic has put on.  

Fast Forward to today.  Epic released this video – the launch trailer of season 2.  We find our friends, dressed from noob skin to ultra-rare skins running around a new map.  

With the new map, Chapter 2 brings subtle (and not so subtle) changes to the game.  First is, of course, the new map. The map brings brand new places as well as some fan favorites like Pleasant Park and Salty Springs.  One of the most noticeable map changes is all the rivers that break apart the monotony of the hills and valleys of the map. Epic also introduced the boat, a vehicle to help easily traverse these rivers.  If your boat doesn’t survive the onslaught of explosives, don’t fret, your character can now swim in the rivers, though you can’t dive underwater. Built into all this new water… stuff… is probably something you don’t want to be doing during the heat of battle.  Fishing. Yes, according to Epic’s website you can fish, and assuming the trailer is accurate, you can fish for weapons.  

Other changes include a new UI, the ability to hide inside barrels, haystacks, and other small spaces, and the most important piece, players are now able to carry downed players.  Yes, Players can now pick up a downed player and move them to a safer part of the map to pick them up of If you’re TSM Myth: Throwing them off the high ground for the kill.  

Weapon Changes

Most of the weapons have stayed the same with minor tweaks.  Weapons include pump and tactical shotguns, standard assault rifles, burst rifles, SMGs like P90, bolt action sniper rifles, and rocket launchers.  They also added a new bandage launcher that heals injured teammates. Players are also able to upgrade weapons at weapon benches found around the area.

Overall, it seems that the fans have gotten what they have been asking for.  Newer, better, more balanced. The gun pool isn’t super OP, the refresh on the map is surely welcomed, and it looks like Epic is trying to bring it back to Fortnite season 1… or should we call it “Fortnite Classic”.
Tell me what you think about Chapter 2 in the comments below!

Giovanni “Pinch” Mapile loves playing Apex Legends and has not played Fortnite in over a year.