Apex Legends: Fight or Fright

Posted by Pinch October 18, 2019 in Gaming ReviewsNEWS

With Season 3 in full swing, Respawn Entertainment has dropped this season’s first Limited-Time Event: Fight or Fright.  The event begins October 15, and will through November 5th. Fight or Fright is the third Limited-Time Event by Apex legends and is themed for, you guessed it, Halloween.  

What does Fight or Fright bring?

This event, like the others, brings in a limited time mode:  Shadowfall. Shadowfall is similar to Halo’s infection, but with a twist.

35 people drop in a lobby together, in what seems to be a solo Battle Royale match.  The players drop in to King’s Canyon, our first Apex Legends map, but at night. The Titans (big ass Dinosaur things) have been turned into monstrosities, breathing neon green gas, and glowing through some new cracks throughout their bodies.  The map also has a small cover fog, making it even harder to see adversaries. As players get eliminated they drop back in from the sky as a shadow, Apex’s version of a zombie. With increased speed and melee damage, as shadows, players hunt down the rest of the living legends as they try and survive to the top 10.  Shadows also have a similar ability to bloodhound’s ultimate, where live legends are highlighted a bright red. There is a drawback to being a shadow, your life total is low, basically one shot with almost all guns. Unlimited respawns help that, which is nice.  

The surviving 10 become one squad and work together fending off the zombies as they await the evacuation ship.  Once it has arrived, the remaining legends fight their way to the evacuation zone and board the ship. The players that make it to the evacuation ship win the match; those who are left behind do not win.  If there are no legends left, and they are all been killed, the shadows win.  

Did I mention that there is zero communication?  No pings, not even for yourself. No voice chat, nothing.  There are also a few spooky things that pop up, but I won’t spoil it for you.  

Outside of the LTM, Fight or Fright brings another set of Limited skins for legends and guns.  Each pack is $7, with a total of 24 packs. Once you have received all the items, you unlock Lifeline’s heirloom melee weapon, the Shock Sticks, a pair of Police batons with stickers all over them.  

The legend skins are, of course, Halloween themed as well, including a (or should I say, 

another) Clown costume for Caustic, and a very Traditional Bloodhound Jack-o-lantern.

My Take

This event is fantastic.  Though the skins were underwhelming (still waiting for that amazing Bangalore skin), the LTM is just amazing.  It’s fast-paced, fun, and scary. There have been several times that I actually yelled because some shadow popped out of nowhere and got me.  

I love this event and I am very happy that the game is not stagnating like it did during season 1.  Great Job, Respawn.  

Giovanni “Pinch” Mapile plays A LOT of Apex Legends and a Crypto and Pathfinder main.