The time here. The time is NOW!

Posted by Pinch October 30, 2019 in GAMINGNEWS

Apex Legends tweeted out today this tweet that APex legends will be releasing their Limited Time Mode: Duos.  

Many of us dropping into World’s edge, and before that King’s Canyon, have wanted Duos for many moons.  8 months we have waited. Some of us have fallen back into the traps of other BR games. For those of us who have been adamant about our love of the game, we have been rewarded.  Rewarded with Solo’s mode, and an amazing Halloween event.  

Being a player on multiple platforms, I rarely have 2 other people who are down to grind as much as me.  So having a duos partner is much easier and more realistic. Some people believe that the game will become unbalanced as duos, but seeing the multitude of teams who are running 2’s toward the end of games because their teammate died isn’t uncommon. 

Will Duos thrive in our beloved World’s Edge?  I suppose we will find out soon.

Duos will release November 5th and there is currently no end date.