Australia Fires

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Right now, Australia is on fire.  Specifically, the most affected areas are New South Wales (where Sidney is if you don’t know) and South Australia, Queensland.  National Parks, wooded areas, and bushland have been burning since early November. In December, Sidney’s Air Quality measured 11 times the hazardous level because of the smoke.  But that isn’t all, Over 1,500 homes have been destroyed, more than 600 additional have been damaged.  In total, over 17.9 million acres of land have been burned across Australia’s 6 states. To put that in perspective, South Carolina is 20.4 million acres.  So imagine most of that state burned, and you have an idea of the damages. As I type this right now, 28 people have died since the start of the fires. Ecosystems are dying, and in turn, species are becoming endangered, or even extinct.  There are even reports of vegetables being airdropped in certain areas for the local species.  Though this has helped, there are still over 1 billion animals who have died due to this disaster.

So what can you do?  Donate to help fund fight the fires in Australia.  

To donate to Australian reforestation:

To donate to the New South Wales local fire brigade:

To adopt a Koala:

To help the people of Australia:

Don’t forget that even though it does not impact you in a direct way, it impacts you as a denizen of the world.



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