Byleth Enters House Smash!

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“…not another Fire Emblem character! 😡” 
“I can’t believe that they wasted another character slot!”

These are just some of the more popular quotes broadcast across the Internet as Sakurai and Nintendo has revealed the newest DLC fighter coming to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate at the end of January: Byleth.

When characters like Terry (from the Fatal Fury series) or Hero (from the Dragon Quest series) were announced to the roster in 2019; they were met with a lot of positive feedback, seemingly because of their fresh look and sole representation of their respective series.

However, Byleth joins an already fruitful Fire Emblem roster, her entry being number seven. So, it seems that there might be some fatigue in the series, when it comes to Smash.

From one gamer to another, I ask before you sharpen your pitchforks, take another look at her fighter reveal!

I believe that Sakurai and team are well aware of how the masses might feel about adding Byleth to the roster. So much so that they poke fun at themselves when another “sword boy” enters the arena, but Byleth comes with her own surprises.

Her move set and arsenal include much more than just a sword. She is essentially a weapon master, utilizing the Relic Weapons from Fire Emblem: Three Houses including glaive, heavy axe, and bow. 

This addition makes Byleth a more interesting and dynamic fighter to the FE roster, in my opinion. Her utility and ability to switch weapons on command allow players to implement different play styles into their matches, depending on the opponent.

It also seems like a good metagame pick against opponents to get into their heads during the set. Because unless they are familiar with you as a player, they have to be prepared for a lot of different Byleth styles. 

And if none of the Bert thoughts help put your mind at ease, just think, we have six more fighters on the way for the next two years! So there is still time for you Sora/Dante fans out there.

I, for one, am really excited to put Byleth to the test and see what she can bring to this fighting game we all love to play!

So do yourself a favor: mute your socials with all the negative Byleth talk until after her release and you are given time to form your own opinions. Instead of letting the PJSalt flow through you! 

It seems like I need to go ahead and start that Three Houses play-through…

‘Til next time!


Brett Farmer

Brett Farmer

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