Trample Gaming Raises More Than $500 for Reforestation in Australia

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On February 1, 2020, at 11 am EST, Trample Gaming kicked off their 12 hour Charity Stream Fundraiser Event on Twitch. Trample sought to help reforestation in Australia due to the devastating fires they are going through during their summer season by partnering with OneTreePlanted.  The fires have currently burned well over 27 million acres, larger than the size of the country Portugal. As our climate is changing due to global warming, the typical vegetation in Australia is drying faster and turning to tinder. 

Our goal is to plant trees in Australia to help rebuild the many ecosystems that are being destroyed.  We all thought that a very humble goal of $150 was going to be a stretch. Within the first few hours, the Trample Gaming streamers hit and exceeded the goal.  So what did we do? We challenged ourselves and doubled the goal to $300. After 8 hours, we hit that goal as well. At the end of our 12 (or 14 or 16…) hour stream, we raised over $500!  

So how does this translate?

With OneTreePlanted, every dollar donated is equal to one tree in the region of your choosing.  With the $505 that Trample Gaming raised, we were able to plant 505 trees. That doesn’t sound too impactful, right? Well, it is.  500+ trees is a forest! That forest can remove up to 24,000 lbs of carbon from the atmosphere per year.

We did not do it alone.  We did it with the help of our community.  Trample started because we wanted to focus on all of you.  We wanted to bring in good people who do good things, and guys, we planted a $*&%!#@ forest.

Thank you all who were a part of the charity stream, those who participated, donated, and even just hung out in chat pushing us all forward to be our best selves.  You are the true heroes.

You can still donate to the cause by visiting our team page.



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