March Community Game Night

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Last Month, Trample Gaming hosted our Community Night with Bravo Mike at the helm.  He did a fantastic job hosting our Jackbox Party and was SUPER engaged with his viewers, chatters, and other players.  It was one heck of a fun time. Well….

It’s about that time again folks!  Trample Gaming is hosting our Monthly Community Night on MARCH 28, 2020.  We will have community games hosted on the Trample Gaming Twitch Channel.  Come hang out with the Trample Gaming Team while we play A GAME OF YOUR CHOICE!!!

To vote on what game we play, simply CLICK HERE and choose what you want to see us be bad at!  Everyone is welcome to play with us, or just hang out and chat.

So Pinch, what would YOU like to play?

Thanks for asking, reader!  I’d like to see us play one of two games:

Killer Queen Black.  On Switch and PC, Killer Queen Black is a 4v4 game where the objective is to either A: Kill the queen of the opposing team, or B: Harvest more honey.  The first team who completes one of those objectives wins!

Town of Salem.  A social deduction game where you attempt to save the town from mafia hidden within the townfolks.  Players are assigned roles and personal objectives. Is your neighbor a humble townie? Or are they the Godfather of the secret crime organization?  Maybe they are a crazed serial killer, or can talk to the dead… Town of Salem is on sale on Steam or Humble Bundle.

So come one, come all and play some games with Trample Gaming!  



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