What are you playing this weekend? Wildfire Edition

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I asked some of my favorite Trample Gaming people (and Bravo) what they are playing this weekend and here’s their top 5 games:


1:  Rivals Of Aether – BIG Melee fan but just don’t have the skill to compete in it so I moved to Ultimate and then to Rivals where I basically only picked up the game because of Shovel Knight being in it but I’m obsessed now, constantly playing in tournaments and trying to better myself. 

2:  Among Us – You kidding me? A perfect reason to scream at my friends for absolutely no reason even if they’re not suspicious at all? I’m in. 

3:  Mortal Shell – I’m a big single player game addict, I tend to breeze through games super quick so when there’s a difficult one with the same ideals as the Dark Souls game I’m diving head first into it and it’s been a blast so far.

4:  Valorant – Hype has died down a lot for me recently but I still play it a good amount. First serious PC shooter I’ve played because my aim was never superb so my game sense and abilities help make up for it and add a different vibe to the game unlike other shooters. 

5:  Realm Royale – (I) was a big Fortnite player in its “prime”. I guess you would say I like playing BR’s. Played Realm way back in Alpha and didn’t touch it for awhile but recently started back up with some friends and it’s just super fun, can be super tense and rough against other good players, and also just super wacky and whimsical with chickens flying around and spells being tossed constantly. 10/10 an absolute blast with friends.


1:  Graveyard Keeper – It’s Stardew Valley but its creepy and macabre.

2:  Skyrim – …well it’s because it’s Skyrim…

3:  Control – It’s pure f*cking insanity…

4:  Ghost of Tsushima – Samurais and horses – what’s not to like about that?

5:  Jak 2:  Playing a game that is nostalgic…  My inner child is screaming for me to finish it.


1:  Death Stranding – a look into year 2021

2:  Among Us – a fun and easy introduction to social deduction and deception games

3:  Rocket League – Because I’m fucking addicted

4:  Runescape – Endless hours to game with

5:  Sims 4 – (My beautiful, wonder fiance’s pick) in a world where no one has control over anything, Sims 4 is the perfect game to feel like we have control over something


I know, I know, but if some of my favorite people TriSarahSquats actually answered their DMs maybe I could put someone else here instead of myself.

1:  Escape from Tarkov – a stark look at what the future could be like, a PvPvE survival shooter that is unmatched by any other game.  It’s more punishing than Dark Souls and more strategic than Call of Duty. Not only is it a survival shooter, but it has basebuilding, RPG, and even a full flea market economy system.  10/10 if you love to hate yourself

2:  Among Us – Yell at your friends and call them killers.  Betray your friends and find out which one of them are good at lying (and yell at Domo).

3:  Slay The Spire – On Switch, Steam, and now mobile, Slay the Spire is a roguelike deckbuilder.  Play as one of 4 unlockable classes and try to unlock the secrets of The Spire

4: Rivals of Aether – I am not one for fighting games, but this one is just fun.  It’s fast paced, with a handful of really interesting characters.  I’ve already played it more than SSBU, and I’ve only had the game for a few weeks

5:  Papers, Please – I’ve dumped close to 100 hours into this game.  You would think that being a passport checker for a fake Eastern European country wouldn’t be so fun… but the story is amazing and our favorite character “Jorgy” is always fun to see come through.  

BONUS:  Firewatch – I haven’t played it yet, but I will be streaming the game on twitch so catch it live!


1:  Valorant – BeCaUsE sHoOt TiNgS pEw PeW

2:  Paper Mario (64 and Origami king) –  Mario but in paper artstyle.

3:  Kingdom Hearts II Randomizer – I grew up playing Kingdom Hearts.  The story and characters helped enrich my life.  It’s a pure masterpiece and I aspire to be the best healer like Donald.

4:  Among us – I get to yell at Domo and THE B from B’s Infinite Hobbies


Better late than never…

1: Valorant – This game is my first FPS and I love it! I love the grind and how much fun it is to team up with your friends. I’ve been slowly improving and it’s exciting to see my own progression.

2: Rocket League – For me, this is one of those games that I’ll play for hours at a time. I appreciate Beefy carrying me in all of our games while we listen emo.

3: Fall Guys – Two words: SEE. SAW. But actually, I love everything about this game. Except for the yellow team.

4: Among Us – This game is super frustrating for me, but so much fun at the same time! I’m bad at lying – Everyone knows if I laugh then I’m the imposter 🙁

5: Rivals of Aether – I stay schmovin’ with my Zetter. UP B ALL DAY.

What are you playing this weekend?  Let us know, and come play Among Us with Bravo, Domo, me, and all the other Trample Gaming Crew!  Join our discord for more information. 



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