Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition

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With the release of Rivals of Aether: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch and PC right around the corner, the whole Trample team is excited!

The combination of improved netcode, matchmaking, in-game rewards and stage picks means that this game is being taken to an entirely new level.

While the PC release will build on the established community and online tournament scenes, namely CodeKang, RAS, and the official Rivals Championship Series, being able to play on the Switch will bring in a completely new take.

Here at Trample Gaming, we’ve already taken steps alongside the CodeKang community to help prepare and welcome the new Switch players that are looking to compete in upcoming events. We’re already hosting local RoA tournaments alongside our Smash Ultimate scene, and we can’t wait to see other communities across the country do the same.

We don’t want to spoil too much about all the new additions and features coming September 24th on the release, but between all of the research material, tournaments, and friendly communities – there has never been a better time to pick up Rivals of Aether than now!

Check out this 0-death clip from Domo!



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