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Toxic masculinity according to Wikipedia it is defined as such:

an adherence to traditional male gender roles that consequently stigmatize and limit the emotions boys and men may comfortably express while elevating other emotions such as anger

Note: Limit the emotions boys and men may comfortably express. All too often I still hear men telling their boys “We don’t cry” or “Be a man”. Guess what. Toxic. Why? Why do you want to hand down that mentality to the next generation of people? Do you want your son to grow up disrespecting and objectifying women?

Case in point, I recently saw a CRINGE meme about a marriage where the man literally had his wife in a cow breeding… chamber (or some shit whatever, I live in the city, okay?) How is that fun or funny or a good idea?

Back to the main subject. In our culture of gaming, all too often we see women being harrassed by male gamers simply because they are women. Some of our community members have even been subjected to that kind of toxicity first-hand. Why? Are men’s egos so tied up in their dick size that they need to prey on women to feel like a man or to feel important or some shit?

Cloud 9 (yes, C9 fanboy, get over it) recently announced their all-girl Valorant team. These women are the the second (set) of women who are signed in the competitive sphere, the first of which was Ewok on FaZe Clan.

So again, to my fellow Penisweilders, to my Y-chroms, why tf do you think it’s ok to teach boys at a young age that having a dick means you can be a shitty entitled piece of waste to not only women, but also fellow men. Why is everything a dick measuring contest? Fuck your truck, fuck your toys, fuck the way you treat women. They deserve more than you. Your children deserve more than you. There is no room in the future for toxic masculinity.

We are too close to the end of human existence to tolerate inequalities of ANY kind anymore. If we don’t do our part to fix how we treat each other, our planet, our world, our existence, becomes nothing. Our dreams of interstellar space travels, of intermingling with aliens… Our dreams of a future where the only good and evil is fought over morals, and not skin tone, or gender, or sexual preference… Is gone.

The future depends on how we hold ourselves today. How we mold our children so they may mold the future.

This rant started about toxic masculinity. Fixing this one problem in our society may not get us to Star Trek levels of acceptance (think about it…) but it’s one of the best steps for all men to take. Acknowledge it within yourself. Accept the fact that you are wrong. Evolve the way you treat yourself and your environment. Acknowledge, Accept, Evolve. Say it out loud.

Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

Note: I am not perfect. I am a toxic man. I know this, I accept this, and I am working on being a better human.



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